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First Choice Metal Building Systems FAQs

Order and Delivery
Can First Choice Metal Building Systems deliver to a jobsite anywhere in the United States?
Yes. First Choice has the capabilities to ship from multiple locations in the U.S, resulting in immediate savings on freight cost. First Choice can ship anywhere including Alaska and Hawaii.

How long does the delivery of a steel building usually take?
After all appropriate documents have been signed, typically most projects deliver in four to six weeks. Due to the differences in job complexity and size, delivery dates may vary.

Is a concrete slab necessary for a steel building?
No. Under certain circumstances a concrete floor may not be necessary. Concrete piers or bell bottom piers can be engineered to support your structure. Your local contractor or engineer can assist you in a foundation design that will be tailored for your structure. As always, verify codes and loads with your local building authorities.

How is the building attached to the concrete slab or piers.
Your steel building is attached by using anchor bolts that are installed when the concrete is poured. Anchor bolts are typically supplied and installed by your concrete contractor. When you purchase a stee building through First Choice you will receive three (3) sets of detailed drawings with the size and the location of each anchor bolt for your building. Anchor bolts supplied by others.

Can I include such items as windows and doors in my steel building?
Yes. Your building can be customized to fit any needs you require. Items like windows, walk doors, roll up doors, LTP's (Light Transmitting Panels) and more can be included in your design. All of our sales representatives are highly trained when it comes to building design and would be glad to help you create a building of your own.

Can metal buildings have insulation also?
Yes. You have many option

Building Codes and Permits
Will I need permits before constructing my new steel building?
Yes. Permits are typically necessary before building construction starts. Always contact your local building authority to get the proper building codes and loads for your particular area and project. It is the customer's responsibility to inform us with the proper codes and loads for the project area. First Choice Metal Building Systems is not responsible for verifying the local building codes associated with the job location.

How will my order be affected if permit drawings are needed?
Verification with the local permit office before ordering is always the best way to go. When purchasing a building from First Choice you will receive 3 copies of the building drawings. At the time you order your steel building, you will need to notify us if engineered stamped drawings are required by your local authorities.

What should I tell my local building inspector when I call?
Once you get in contact with the local building inspector, let him/her know of your plans to purchase a steel building. They will be able to provide you with any necessary/additional information to help you through the permit process.

What are the codes and loads of a steel building?
All steel buildings from First Choice are specifically engineered to meet the building codes, snow load and wind load of your region. Because the requirements may differ region to region, it is always crucial to verify with your local permit office of these specifications before starting the design process. Codes and loads play an important part when it comes to design and safety of your steel building. First Choice Metal Building Systems is not responsible for confirming codes.

The Promise to our customers

At First Choice we are always working to provide the best product at the lowest competitive price in the market. So if you receive a quote from a competitor claiming to have a lower total cost than ours, we will gladly review it to make sure their quote is comparable to ours.

There are many different options when it comes to steel building design and features; therefore it is always crucial to be sure all the quotes you receive are including the same options.

Our building systems come standard with items such as base, jamb and header trim. These items not only give your building a clean finished look, but also protect your investment from the elements. With other building companies,these items may not be included and could be considered an extra cost.

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